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Playing Slide Guitar

Back in the old days, you might use a piece of cut pipe or a socket from your Dad’s socket wrench set. Then there were fragile glass slides. Seasoned players know they would have to hang their slide on the mic stand or reach for it in the pocket of your gig worn Levis. Now we have the innovation of one of my favorite pieces of gear-JetSlides! Jetslide fits like a ring and allows you to play chords while wearing it. You can effortlessly move between playing solos and chords, and when the mood or music demands it, switch into slide playing. Jetslides are made of high quality metals. They are available in steel and brass (my favorite). No more dropped slides, broken glass slides and fumbling around in your pockets looking for your slide. It’s right there on your hand like an extra finger. Get a Jetslide today and start playing slide with ease!

Can an Inexpensive Guitar Still Rock?

It’s the old argument. Is a $3000 Gibson better than an overseas copy? These days, the build quality of inexpensive guitars has never been better. For beginners and the occasional weekend warrior, a moderately priced guitar is fine. I have expensive guitars in my arsenal, but here’s the problem with pricey guitars – I’m afraid to bring them to a gig. They can get beat up and worse yet, they can be stolen. You might be surprised to know most of the guitars I gig with are priced in the $300-$500 range. They look cool, they sound good and the playability is great. If you’re buying for a beginner, you certainly don’t want to spend big money on an instrument that will most likely be abused or worse yet, sit in the closet if the student looses interest. There are many major guitar makers that sell budget guitar product lines. Fender has Squire and Gibson has Epiphone for instance. At, we go though 100’s of reviews to find the best of the budget guitars. Sure, some names you may never have heard of, but the quality is excellent. Bootlegger Guitars make some of the best looking, best playing guitars available. They even come with a hard shell case! 

So be open minded. Check out the guitars in our budget section and have a look at our Bootlegger Guitar line. And if you’re in the market for something special, check Gear of the Gods! Either way, we got ya covered for everything you need to rock! 

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Scott “Guitarmacist” Engel