Fulltone 2B Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

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Input Impedance: ultra-high 1.65mega ohms
Output Impedance: ultra-low 300ohms
Max Gain: @ 20dB

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2B Boost Guitar Effects Pedal. The Fulltone 2B is an amazing boost pedal, born from the œBoost channel in Fultone’s FD3 pedal. Fulltone took the circuit from the FD3 and crammed it into a much smaller enclosure (only 4.5″ x 2.1″ x 2.3″) with a battery tucked tightly inside and space-saving rear-mounted IN, OUT, and DC power jacks. Why does a guitarist need a œBoost pedal? A boost pedal isn’t just used to kick up your volume when its time for your solo. A good booster can also solve a large number of problems in the modern guitarists rig, because todays pedal boards average eifght or more pedals, with every of those pedals requiring: a guitar cable—>jack—>more wire—>footswitch—>circuit—>footswitch again—>jack—>more wire—> and on to next pedal. Its no wonder such a lot of guitarists have thin, crappy tone … its a wonder theres any signal left finally the stuff a signal goes through. Ever played through a 10 guitar cable straight into a great tube amplifier? The feel, the dynamics, the fat tone … it all makes you need to play. Then you connect to your $5,000 forum-approved overpopulated pedal board and suddenly the sound is tiny, thin, with diminished lows, cardboard mids, and scratchy thin highs. Here may be where a good booster comes in handy, because all that wire and all those connections reduce your signal by a measurable amount with every passing effect in your signal chain. Add a good booster and you’ll recoup a large number of that lost gain, tone, and reactive interplay between you and your lovely tube amp. Suddenly the “touch” is back. But what happens when the booster is off? Thats the problem with other boosters ¦ once theyre off, they cease to offer a high-quality unity-gain buffer to drive the long cables, so you find yourself having to shop for two boosters, one set to “unity gain” and the other set to do your volume changes. A better solution is the 2B. Its unity-gain JFET amp buffers your signal when the pedal is turned off, and when th…

Input Impedance: ultra-high 1.65mega ohms
Output Impedance: ultra-low 300ohms
Max Gain: @ 20dB
Size: 4.5″ x 2.1″ x 2.3″
Weight: 12 ounces (with the included battery)

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