Line 6 HX Stomp Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal (Limited Edition White) Price: $699.99 (as of 05/02/2023 20:31 PST- Details)

Utilizes the same DSP chip and HX Modeling as Helix
Compact yet extremely powerful
Highest possible audio quality throughout, plus both true bypass and DSP bypass with trails

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HX Stomp is a professional-grade guitar processor that delivers the sound of Helix amps, cabs, and effects in an ultra-compact pedal. Whereas the Line 6 HX Effects pedal is designed to be the centerpiece of a pedalboard, providing full Keep an eye on over individual effects, amp switching, and external MIDI-equipped pedals, HX Stomp is a programmable amp/cab/effects/IR pedal that seamlessly integrates into quite a few environments and applications. Use it as a super stompbox , backup, trip rig, add-on tone expander when combined with other modelers, an audio interface, or even a complete guitar or bass rig.The same HX Modeling technology that powers the flagship Helix guitar processor enables HX Stomp to run up to six processing blocks concurrently with pristine audio quality, making it the most powerful and flexible stompbox-sized guitar processor currently to be had. There are over 300 amps, cabs, and effects including a looper. HX Stomp contains the entire same HX models found in Helix family products, in addition to the legacy effects library from Line 6 M-Series pedals, and stompbox modelers such as the DL4, MM4, FM4, and DM4. There are also presets created specifically for bass players, in addition to individual bass amp and cab models.Additional features include a choice of true bypass and DSP bypass with trails, a stereo effects loop for patching other pedals into the signal chain and 4-Cable Method setups, a jack for connecting two external footswitches or expression pedals, extensive MIDI Keep an eye on, IR (impulse response) loading capabilities, and a multichannel 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface. The free HX Edit app permits you to customize nearly every aspect of the pedal’s operation, create, save, and load presets. It also provides preset librarian capabilities, IR loading, and more.Intuitive Keep an eye on and EditingDespite its tiny size, HX Stomp is easy to both operate and program thanks to its simple but powerful controls, 320 x 240-pixel color LCD, and three capaciti

Utilizes the same DSP chip and HX Modeling as Helix
Compact yet extremely powerful
Highest conceivable audio quality all the way through, plus both true bypass and DSP bypass with trails
Over 300 amps, cabs, and effects from Helix, M-Series, and legacy Line 6 products
Up to 6 simultaneous amp, cab, and effect blocks (including a looper and IR loading) provide extensive tone-crafting options

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