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MXR DD25V3 Dookie Drive V3 Unicorn PedalBillie Joe Armstrongs guitar tone on Green Days groundbreaking album Dookie sounded dirty and punchy with the easiest amount of articulation to express the musicality of his fast, melodic riffs. He got that sound by running his signal through two heavily modified amplifiersone scooped with a ton of gain and the other with a well-defined midrange. When it came time to mix the record, the band blended the two signals together in different ratios to match the vibe of each track.

The MXR Dookie Drive Pedal captures the sound of both the amps used on that record in a single pedal with the intention to dial in your own variations of the famous Dookie sound. We borrowed the amps themselves in order that the MXR team could carefully analyze the entire sonic qualities that lead them to sound so darn good. After much analysis and A/B testing, our engineers rebuilt the amps from scratch in pedal circuit form and fit them into a single housing. The High Gain and Crunch Gain sections each have their own controls, whilst the Blend keep an eye on permits you to mix them together just like Green Day did in the studio. If you wish to have some extra scoop in the midrange of the overall output signal, just hit the Scoop switch.

The Dookie Drive isnt just for Green Day fansthis totally unique pedal provides a full harmonic range of overdriven tones for a playing experience that may be full of depth and dimension.MXR DD25V3 Dookie Drive V3 Unicorn Pedal Features:Get the dirty, punchy overdrive sound that Billie Joe Armstrong used on Green Days Dookie Captures the tones of both of Billie Joes custom amplifiers in a single pedal High Gain section supplies tons of scooped gain Crunch Gain section serves up a well-defined midrange Blend the two sounds together just like Green Day did in the studio Unique circuit design built from the

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